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Electro Freeze Soft Serve & Frozen Drink Equipment Innovators of the world's first pressurized soft-serve ice cream machine, Electro Freeze is today's leading manufacturer of frozen treat and beverage equipment. With a dedicated nationwide sales and service network, it's no wonder Electro Freeze has continued to be the Sweet Choiceâ„¢ in the industry for over 75 years.

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Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Machines Hoshizaki America was established in Los Angeles, California in December 1981. Hoshizaki America presently manufactures and markets a wide range of commercial icemakers, dispensers, refrigerators and related products for customers throughout North America. Delta Equipment and Supply was the first Hoshizaki distributor in North America

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Get That Good Ice At Home!

You can now have "That Good Ice" right in your own home! With several models to choose from and with attractive finishes to fit your decor, Hoshizaki has the machine for you.

Need a cleaning?

As we come to the end of 2013, We at Delta Equipment and Supply Company would like to thank all of our loyal customers who put their trust in Hoshizaki ice machines and in Delta Supply to provide parts and maintenance support.

There are two practices that greatly benefit any ice machine. These two practices consist of 1. Providing a water filtration system for the ice machine, which greatly reduces scale and particulate matter from the water before it goes into the ice machine, and 2. Regular cleaning of the ice machine with the proper cleaning solution for your machine. Over time, your evaporator, whether it's a cuber or flaker, can accumulate mineral and other deposits that greatly affect the performance of the ice machine, and, in fact, can lead to many service issues with the machine.

If you're in Arkansas and need addition information, or technical help, please feel free to contact us here at Delta Equipment and Supply at 501-955-0100. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and we look forward to 2014!

Time for "That Good Ice"
We at Delta Equipment and Supply know that, with approaching hot temperatures, ice demand will go up significantly, and the ice that everybody loves is what we call "That Good Ice", the soft, chewable ice that's east to crunch and makes such a delicious , cold beverage. Hoshizaki Nugget Ice Machines are manufactured in Peachtree City, Georgia, and come in all sizes, from the small home units to the high production models.
Yes, you too can have "That Good Ice" right in your own home! Give us a call today at 501-955-0100, and we can tell you all about the joys of ice. Till then, adios!
ElectroFreeze Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve

Innovators of the world's first pressurized soft serve ice cream machine, Electro Freeze is todays leading manufacturer of frozen treat equipment. Electro Freeze manufactures a machine that is perfect for today's latest soft serve trend,  self serve frozen yogurt. Self serve frozen yogurt shops have been opening all over Arkansas, and it's no wonder. Frozen yogurt offers beneficial live active yogurt cultures and is available in low fat, non fat, and no sugar added. Check out the Electro Freeze SL-500 Gravity feed soft serve machine if you think you want to get into the yogurt business and call us if you need any help. We can point you to all the resources you need, and we can show you the SL-500 in action. Please call 501-944-7069 for assistance.

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