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Henny Penny Restaurant Equipment

Henny Penny pioneered the first commercial pressure fryer in 1957 and quickly became known for delicious fried chicken. Across America, diners and restaurants began taking orders for moist and crispy chicken cooked in our fryers.

Over the next fifty years, that same spirit of innovation and focus on our customers’ businesses has made Henny Penny a global leader in foodservice solutions.

While pressure fryers continue to be a cornerstone of the company, our business has expanded to include the best-engineered, best-built and best-tested cooking, holding and merchandising equipment in the foodservice industry. Henny Penny open fryers, rotisseries, heated merchandisers, combi-ovens, blast chillers, warming cabinets and breading products are found in the world’s most successful QSR and restaurant chains, as well as in independent restaurant, supermarket, c-store and noncommercial operations around the corner and around the globe. At Henny Penny, we aren’t satisfied with simply making the best products, we make sure those products are backed by the best people. That’s why you’ll find our level of service and commitment to your foodservice operation unmatched by anyone in the industry — on any continent. Bringing a half century of experience to the table, we are resolute in helping you deal with the most important issues affecting your bottom line:

  • Food quality, consistency and safety
  • Labor and economic savings
  • Productivity

Why Pressure Fry?

Pressure Frying seals in the food’s natural juices, nutrients and flavors, making anything you cook more  tender and flavorful.  And you can cook justabout anything in Henny Penny pressure fryers… chicken, chops, seafood, vegetables—even ribs and steaks!

TOP TEN Reasons to

Pressure Fry!

  • Pressure frying seals in food’s natural juices. Frying under pressure is the only frying process that seals in food’s natural juices, keeping product naturally moist and flavorful.
  • Pressure fried food is less greasy. Since less moisture escapes from food, less shortening is absorbed in its place.
  • Pressure frying is faster and uses less energy. Cooking under pressure improves the transfer of heat from frying medium to food. This means less energy is required to keep shortening hot, and product gets done faster.
  • Pressure frying reduces flavor transfer. With shortening sealed out and natural juices, nutrients, and flavors sealed in, there is much less transfer of flavors and odors from product to product.
  • Pressure frying is more productive. Henny Penny pressure fryers take less time and less room to cook the same amount of food, giving you higher production per square foot than conventional fryers.
  • Pressure frying is cleaner. Pressure frying captures most oil-laden steam and exhausts it directly to the hood above, reducing greasy film and odors that can build up in the surrounding areas.
  • Pressure frying uses less shortening. Shortening lasts longer for two reasons: Lower cooking temperatures slow the shortening breakdown process and less shortening is absorbed into food.
  • Pressure frying results in less food shrinkage. By retaining moisture and juices, food shrinks less when pressure fried. Your customers get more of a tender, tastier product for their money—and so do you!
  • Pressure frying means more menu items. Pressure frying is one of the most versatile cooking methods available, giving you dozens of options for meat, poultry, seafood, veggies… even pastries and ice cream!
  • Pressure frying produces consistently great taste. Today’s technologically advanced pressure fryers can cook food quickly and thoroughly with consistent flavor and appearance, load after load.

The Bottom Line - Customers buy it.

Over the years, international chains have made billions in profits selling pressure fried chicken. Pressure frying has always been—and continues to be—the world’s best-tasting and most profitable way to produce fried chicken.

Henny Penny Open Fryers - The more you fry the more you save.


  • Better design uses less energy
  • Faster recovery saves on shortening
  • Filter fast,often and easily
  • ‘Smart’ features improve consistency,reduce labor costs
  • Complete line of open fryers and accessories
  • 7-year fry pot warranty


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